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Journey or Destination?

Asking which is more important - journey or the destination, is like asking which is paramount: is it nature or nurture?

One cannot have the best with just one. The two will need to balance each other to bring out the best. Think about it. A journey without a destination is simply being lost... which may be okay when traveling because at least one can enjoy the sights. Focusing on the destination without enjoying the journey can cause one to miss a lot of precious moments during the trip.

In much the same way, nature without nurture is not harnessing the potential with what could be inherently genius. Nurture without nature will not enable one to know which is the real area of potential.

Jesus knew his destination and was focused in getting there. He, however, made the most of his journey, making sure he changed the lives of people he met along the way.

We are all on an earthly journey leading to our eternal life. Wouldn't it be wonderful to make the best of our journey here as we wait for our turn to enter eternity?

I wish that all our journeys will be filled with priceless memories and blessings!


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