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Ides of March

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

I am fascinated by Julius Cesar. He leveled up Rome's political landscape from a republic to an empire. In high school, we even memorized the Marc Anthony's speech after Cesar's murder in the Shakespeare play.

For some reason, it came to me that Julius Cesar's particulars had a keen resemblance to that of Jesus:

Both were were kings, not to mention same initials. Both had mothers whose names were Mary/Maria. Both were much loved during their times.Their enemies were envious of how the people followed them. Both were judged unfairly, plotted for murder and killed.

I researched my thoughts and was surprised to find that they had so much more in common than those above!

Both had a circle of 12 close associates (counsels/disciples). They both had trusted people betray them. Both were wearing crowns of grass/thorns before they died. Even the soldier who stabbed Jesus on his side had the same name as the statesman who first stabbed Julius Cesar. Eerie but true.

The only difference is that only one of them rose from the dead.


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