On Saint Joseph

I graduated K-7, 9-12 from St. Joseph’s College. (Colleges in the Philippines can have an elementary and high school education.) Yearly, the school celebrates the Feast of St. Joseph on March 19 with Mass and festivities. His presence in my life flew out the window when I later went to a public university.

After I got married, someone gifted me with a St. Joseph figurine, saying that St. Joseph is the patron saint of husbands.

As I read about him, it dawned on me how strong a faith this man had. Believing in what Angel Gabriel told him about Mary’s pregnancy, Joseph took Mary as his wife. When again, Angel Gabriel told him to take Mary and Jesus out of Egypt, he obeyed.

St. Joseph is a man of responsibility. With Mary as his wife, he took responsibility for Jesus as his father on earth.

He was a man of silence. Nothing in the Bible indicated that he said anything about what was happening to him or his family.

St. Joseph is one who exemplified responsibility, maturity, and above all, enduring faith.

I think we need more people like him.

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