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On Requests upon Death

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

My father unexpectedly passed away on July 25 fifteen years ago from what began as a bleed in the brain, followed by multiple organ failure, and a fatal heart attack. He was physically very strong, and my sister who is a doctor said on his most recent check-up that he was good for another ten years. He passed within a year after being given a good bill of health.

I wonder what he would have asked if he knew death was close at hand? I read that one of the mightiest conquerors of the ancient world Alexander the Great had three death bed requests: first, he wanted his doctor to carry his body; second, he wanted the path to his grave strewn with gold, silver, and precious stones; and third, he wants his hands dangling out of the coffin before he is buried.

The first request was to let people know that no one can really save us when it is our time, so we should not take life for granted. The second request was to let people know that it is useless to run after power and money. The third request was to make it known that we will all die empty-handed.

He died at 29.

Have you ever thought of how you would want to happen on your passing? When asked how he would like to be buried, Bob Hope replied, "Surprise me." I thought that's the right attitude - It really doesn't matter. Because we are gone.

Many I know wish for a peaceful death. Maybe like passing away in their sleep. I think that's one thing I would not mind having. But more important than that is to have a life that has been well-lived for our Lord. So that whenever we will be called, we will be at peace, will have no regrets, and will be ready to meet our Creator.


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