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Someone texted me with an urgent message on Friday. The church lady asked me to give a testimony of the Holy Spirit today on Pentecost Sunday. As quickly as I ended my reply, a story came to mind, and I finished writing my testimony straightaway.

Then she texted again after a few minutes and said that she made a mistake. The testimony is for Corpus Christi in two weeks. Well, l really didn't have anything written down for Pentecost in my blog. Maybe this is another one of the Holy Spirit's quiet ways.

As the HS descended upon the apostles, he also descends upon us, nudges us, and whispers to us. Let us not expect the tongues of fire, the howling sound of the wind to kindle and invigorate our lukewarm hearts. He comes in the subtlest of ways.

I am a member of Inca’s Altar Society, a ministry that helps clean the church. Before Covid when the ministry was still active, I took the time to talk to Jesus and share my day with him while I dusted the shelves, replenished the water fonts, and refreshed the flowers and plants.

During those times, the church was always empty, and I was alone with our Lord. One day, as I entered the inside door to clean the pews, my hair was slightly tossed and blown as if a gentle breeze passed by. “What was that?” I wondered, perplexed at the occurrence.

I looked around to see if someone opened the church door, thinking that maybe there was a breeze outside. The doors were closed. I stepped outside the building. There was nary a wind. Then it came to me in my heart that the Spirit is like the wind (breeze). My heart suddenly filled with overflowing joy and gratitude.

I know that If one were to open his/her heart more and listen closely, one will hear the Holy Spirit quietly making its presence known.


My name's Anna Maria and I publish a new video on YouTube's Touched by Grace Today and a new post on my blog every Friday! Check out for my other articles! If you've been #tbgtoday, feel free to share your story of grace here.

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