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On Procrastination

Tim Urban's TED talk on procrastination hit the mark.

After analyzing how procrastinators work, he came to the

conclusion that there are really no non-procrastinators.

Everyone procrastinates.

He said that there are two types of procrastination. The first

type is when there is a target date, as in work deadlines or studying for an exam. The second type has no time limit, as in keeping in touch with loved ones. The first may seem to have more dire consequences, but with discernment, it is the latter that has a deeper fallout.

An aunt whom I've been meaning to write to for years suddenly passed away. That's type two procrastination.

More seriously than my aunt's case is our plan to know Jesus more. Because there is no deadline on when we decide to know Jesus better, more likely we will be caught by surprise when our time to meet him comes.

If there's one thing we should not procrastinate, it's that.


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