• Anna Maria De Guid

On Harry Potter

Updated: Aug 3

When the HP series came out, many loved it, while others said it shouldn't be read because of the evil that lurks in those pages.

During this home confinement, my sons and I did a movie marathon of Harry Potter.

Each series is a long and tough battle between good and evil. I liked it for many reasons. One is the many bits of wisdom interspersed in the situations.

A favorite one is that it showed how one can have evil in him (Harry Potter) but still choose the good. It is about free will.

We all fall short of grace. There is temptation and evil all around and inside us. But like Harry Potter, we should remember that we have a choice to choose the good. Always.

And if we do fail, there is always repentance. Because God's love is unconditional.

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