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Living With the End in Mind

Paul and I attended a talk on forgiveness. The speaker gave reasons why people hold on to grudges as well as strategies how to go beyond the hurt.

Then I remembered my story of forgiveness.

When I turned 50, I reflected on my life, and it occurred to me that God can call me home anytime. I did not want my heart to carry heavy burdens at the end of my days, so I asked God to help me forgive five people. I also asked him to help me seek forgiveness with someone whom I hurt.

One by one, in a matter of a month (maybe two), each of my six burdens have been lifted. Forgiveness came to me in very mysterious ways, so amazing that this grace could only come from God.

The feeling of being free from hurt and anger is something everyone should experience. And that is how I would like to live my life to the end.


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