• Anna Maria De Guid

On Graduation and Beyond

Graduations are exciting times!

Can you imagine that one must have had three graduations before they get to college? If you count pre-school graduation, that makes it four.

College graduations are usually huge celebrations because they culminate all the hard work (and hard-earned money) put into the process. And every college graduation has a commencement speech worth our time.

So when all the graduation celebrations have died down, find the time this summer to read your commencement speech, as well as the memorable speeches of Steve Jobs, J.K.Rowling, Bill Gates, and other great minds of our times.

Parents and graduates alike, and just about anyone, will gain insight into the wisdom of these sages and the world of possibilities out there. God given talents can be honed and potentials can be reached.

And to graduates, whether you reach for the stars or are still in search for your path, remember to nourish your spirits. The strength of the spirit will assist you wherever you find yourself in the future.

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