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On Humility

This is from "Touched by Grace" blog post "On Humility"

I might have been 12 when I overheard my mom’s business associate tell a story.

It was about two of his acquaintances trying to outdo each other in business. One said his businesses earned double this year compared to last year’s. The other responded that he had tripled his income. They later argued about who had wealthier friends. The two continued on until the stories became beyond what was probable. At this point, Mom’s associate left the men.

“What a waste of time,” the associate said. “Sky’s the limit when people boast. So it is better to just stay grounded. No one can beat you to that.”

I thought his words were wise. So whenever I hear someone boasting, I remember the business associate's words, “Stay grounded.”

Just like Jesus did.

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